What is E-commerce web design and how can it benefit your business?


E-commerce web design makes it possible for your business to sell both goods and services through online transactions – more commonly known as an online store. An E-commerce website is a very lucrative method of selling, compared to running a business premises or retail store. An online store does not have the same amount of costly expenses such as electricity, staff, light, heat, rent etc.

A very important part of having a successful website is to ensure that you have relevant traffic going to your website, this can be done by ensuring that you have good SEO and good ppc management, for more information on SEO & Google Adwords then please click on the relevant tabs.

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E-commerce is not limited by distance or time, as it remains open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to the whole world – meaning a vast potential worldwide market! Online sales have rocketed in the past 5 years due to convenience and the choice of products available to consumers. This makes E-commerce an extremely profitable selling tactic, essential for any business competing in today’s market.


Here are some points we suggest you take into account when considering E-commerce web design:

  • See things from the consumer’s point of view – Place products and services in more than one relevant category so they can be found easily. Shoppers generally tend to spend more money and experience greater overall shopping satisfaction when visiting a site that offers products arranged in a way that makes logical sense. For example, if you stock wallpaper and soft furnishings, show the soft furnishings that best complement the wallpaper. If you offer a range of goods with varying prices, arrange the products in sequence from cheapest to most expensive. Presenting items in this way can sway customers to choose the more costly products if they are presented as options.
  • Pictures of products and product explanations can make or break an online sale. Consumers typically prefer item listings to be minimal yet detailed – So be sure to use clear, high quality photos of your products and keep product descriptions informative and to the point. Avoid complicated jargon and technical terms that the consumer may not be familiar with, as this can be off putting and may discourage sales.
  • People often abandon their shopping cart and fail to complete their sale transaction on sites with complicated navigation systems or with too many steps in the purchase process. Effective ecommerce keeps things simple and ensures the purchasing process is straightforward. Successful sites display clearly information on pricing and shipping rates, return policies and customer service access. Having your businesses phone number in a visible position on your web site gives a positive sign to consumers and helps your business to gain their trust. Consumers feel more confident knowing you can be easily contacted with any queries or problems with their order.
  • Online shoppers need a means to give you money quickly and conveniently online, so you need to make payment processing easy. This is quite simple to do as solutions are widely available. You can receive credit card payments with a PayPal account or an online merchant. PayPal is ideal for anyone who is new to ecommerce since there’s less of a commitment, but it may cost you more per transaction. Both the buyer and the seller need a PayPal account in order to complete transactions but that does not pose a barrier to making sales as there are over 110 million active PayPal accounts worldwide. If you already know that your sales are going to be high, you may want to set up an online merchant account, which can be more cost-effective than using PayPal.
  • It’s not enough to just set up an E-commerce web site. You also need to market and promote your site in order to generate sales. Target both new and existing customers. Gather email addresses through your site to help you keep in contact with customers. A newsletter is an excellent means of keeping customers up to date with news and the arrival of new products. Have sites that complement yours link to your site. Ensure your site content is relevant to the products you stock and then submit your site to the major search engines to enable it to be found by shoppers.
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